The NASAC Program Approval Process


  1. Is voluntary, unless required by state or regulatory agencies or college/university regulations and funding sources.
  2. Is an application process that adjusts the content and format of documentation which is required for NASAC Accreditation.
  3. Is confidential.  It is anticipated that innovative practices discovered during the program approval process will not be disseminated beyond NASAC.  Additionally, any shortcomings found in any program or institution will not be made public except as recommendations for program improvement.  In that case, the name of the institution would be withheld.


Phase 1:  Initial Application

Phase 2:  Selection of an Evaluation Team by the NASAC Program Approval Committee.

Phase 3:  The institution will prepare a preliminary self-study portfolio.

a.    Submission of a body of documents, which will include the self-study portfolio and other documents for each Domain and Standard.

b. Scheduling of a site visit after all written documentation has been submitted and accepted by the Evaluation Team.  The Site Visit is standard for the initial accreditation visits.  The costs of the site visit will be in addition to the application fees.  Costs will include: evaluation fees, a  per diem for evaluators, travel, and  housing.

The Site Visit will include, but not be limited to:

  • Meeting with appropriate Dean, Department Chair, and Program Coordinator.
  • Meeting with Faculty of the Program.
  • Meeting with Agency Supervisor(s), where a practicum is a component of the program.
  • Focus Group with Students.
  • Meeting with Advisory Board
  • Recommendations of the Evaluation Team and NASAC Site Visit Committee.
  • Outcome of Site Visit (see the section concerning “Approval Process”)
  • As technology becomes more available, some of this process may be done through online surveys, via closed circuit/cable/camcorder, SKYPE or similar technology.   Currently the Site Visit is the “norm”.

Total Costs:

  • Year 1 – Initial Application Fee: $1,500
  • Years 2-6 – Annual Fee: $300 application
  • Year 7 – Renewal Application Fee: $1,500

All annual fees will by invoiced by NASAC on a yearly basis. All annual fees must be paid to remain in good standing.